BIG loves classical music, and loves it even more when the latter becomes accessible and open to all. The perfect example? This January 11, 2018 concert at the Victoria Hall with Fabrizio von Arx, a Genevese violin virtuoso who acquired a Stradivarius called Madrileno. At first sight, nothing is revolutionary. But if you knew what is actually happening… An incredible conductor, the Geneva Chamber Orchestra, the first Béjart Ballet’s dancers, an amazing staging, a vast repertoire, shattered markers, an off-the-wall communication, a price-friendly policy… In the end, you will experience a new type of classical music concert for an immoderate pleasure.

A certain likeness noticed in BIG with the will to “break the norms” … Alright, you have been waiting for too long: Fabrizio von Arx is the “Ambassador” of BIG. A super great ambassador even with his tricentennial Stradivarius… And at this point, for this first concert taking place in Geneva, a part of the benefits will be transferred to BIG.

Be curious, go beyond your preconceived ideas, and come discover a wonderful musical experience. But don’t forget… Come all!

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