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Big needs the help of everybody, because anybody could find themselves in difficulty, and would need support from big. It is good to remind ourselves that it is up to us to leave a mark of our time on earth. Anyone can do a good action. You probably have the chance of having your family’s, your relatives’ and your friends’ support in times of need but not everyone has this opportunity. This is why you can help us, help them.

If you make a legacy to our Foundation,


  • you support initiatives that are links to urbanism and social works which imagine cities and the Swiss Romande society of tomorrow,


  • you will financially help this student that will be able to pay her rent without sacrificing her studies.


  • you allow families, students, workers in difficult situation, elderly people to satisfy their dietary needs,


  • you help seniors to feel less lonely by being surrounded by more people and to live in a fitting accommodation,


  • you allow unemployed jobseekers to convert to another job or career with more professional opportunities,


  • you contribute in helping people get out of the over-indebtedness spiral…



You will create a lot of good around you all the while knowing that our legacy is 100% exempted, thus making sure that the amount which you have donated all goes to supporting the Foundation’s projects.

Please, do not hesitate to contact us if you need further information, we will reply in a discreet and confidential manner.