Switzerland seems to have a clear conscience with its 13’000 foundations within its borders. If there is one more or one less of it, you are going to tell me that it is not going to make any difference.

Well, think again: each of them counts. Firstly, they all have their “use” and their “niche” (depending on each person’s interest). Secondly, they all have a story, a process, a know-how, means… that couldn’t be left apart. Thirdly, they have beneficiaries, and it is only with action and generosity that things can evolve and that we can definitely help others.


This is exactly the way that BIG Foundation has chosen. A new foundation, of course, however it has been founded by some entrepreneurs who are conscious of their success, their chance, and the will of what had been given to them. Taking a step back, being open, looking into the future, daring to think differently, initiating virtuous circles, supporting sustainable things… these are the criteria that guide the 4 BIG’s founders.


Their ambition is not to revolutionise things, but to make them progress better and faster. Area for action: Swiss Romandy. Way of doing: in the first instance, they will identify partners who are already doing incredible things on-field, in order to help a maximum of people. For example; PARTAGE Foundation, IPT Foundation, NO DIFFERENCE Association. In order to make it happen, BIG has to be a powerful tool for fundraising. Then, it will be able to develop its own projects, its architecture and intergenerational competitions (it is time to explain that BIG is the acronym of Bridge Into Generations).


In conclusion, it is a beautiful, human and united adventure that wants to make a more just and more harmonious society. A story to follow very closely. Perfect! Because with its blog, its Facebook page and its website, you have no choice but to follow its projects, its events, or just being informed of local relevant information and interesting initiatives. “I AM BIG” is not far from you…