The BIG Foundation is there to accompany you for every stage of life.





« It’s time for us to act and give back a part that has been given to us. »


BIG Foundation was created by 4 members. They are all entrepreneurs and are all concerned about the dynamics of the Swiss Romandy society especially with regard to the poverty and the precariousness which can be found in Switzerland. They are outraged by most people’s acceptation with certain dysfunctions and issues.


They are allergic with the fatalistic attitude that most people have so they are now, more than ever, ready to make things happen and made the decision to commit themselves to work locally in order to make the concept of “shared prosperity” a reality.


To make it possible, they are looking at things from a different angle and on a long-term basis, even by challenging current systems and ways of doing things. They are banking on the creation of new virtuous circles in order to bring about new changes on a deeper level and sustainable improvements that everyone in Swiss Romandy can witness and feel.


Their advantages: knowing how to create value, being free of their movement, being involved and bringing every element of their personal success (skills, transparency, requirement, efficiency and generosity) in order to help others, invest in sustainable projects and raising funds for their serious and relevant partners.


Above all else, their motto is to take action now and on a long-term basis.



of the population

in Switzerland is

afflicted by poverty



of people will be

more than 65 years old

in 2045 in Switzerland



of social welfare beneficiaries

in the Canton of Geneva

are workers



of people that benefit

from debt services

don’t have any education




If you are like us and you cannot stand certain realities anymore, but prefer to take action, learning than giving, and want to get involved and be a part of change, and are ready to help, then join BIG by following us, becoming a sponsor, a member or a volunteer worker.